During the working process of the customer support service, everybody longs for the improvement of the service quality. One of the main questions is: How to evaluate and control the service quality? Let’s assume that the most important criterion is customers’ satisfaction.

We have created such an option, which is very simple and user-friendly in order to encourage a client to leave feedback.

How it works:

  • When the ticket is closed, the customer gets a notification, which contains a link (by following the link the customer can evaluate the service positively or negatively). Then the customer has a possibility to leave a comment or simply send the evaluation;
  • The customer can also make the evaluation in his profile;
  • The agent assigned to the ticket can see the comment and the rating, but there is no possibility to change them;
  • The agent can repeatedly send the survey request to the customer, if necessary. It can be important when the agent has done additional work on the ticket and the customer can positively evaluate this work;
  • Reports: There are reports by agents (they contain the number of positive and negative evaluation, as well as the satisfaction rating) and the List of tickets with ratings.