Our Helpdesk system was initially created as a module-based system, so it provides a wide range of features for access rights management. Access rights management is implemented via adding groups.   

Three user groups were created automatically (the administrator can edit them as well as add new groups). To edit groups, click on Management à Groups, access rights.  

While editing / adding groups you can manage the following features:

Setting the user type. There are two user types:

  • Agent – can view clients’ tickets;
  • Client – can view only tickets created by them.


System modules –enable /disable the main system modules

  • Chat – there is a possibility to enable chat – it can be used to receive new tickets, as well as to communicate internally;
  • Contacts – enables contacts module, which provides access to the clients’ contacts and the possibility to add notes to them;
  • Knowledge base – structured information, the possibility to view and edit the knowledge base;
  • Reports – the possibility to view tickets analytics; 
  • Management – the possibility to administer the system;


System settings – the possibility to administer different system modules is set separately

  • Chat settings – visual settings + widget feature;
  • Departments – adding/editing/deleting the company departments;
  • Triggers – managing automation and rules in the system;
  • Notification – templates editing, enabling/disabling of notifications;
  • Global settings – general system settings (name, time zone, etc.);
  • Groups, access rights – access rights management;
  • Knowledge base editing;
  • Clients companies – adding, editing, setting the clients companies;
  • SLA settings – the actions which will be performed if the SLA target is reached;
  • Tickets settings – the possibility to change statuses, priorities, types, the display of ticket types, the ticket id format, etc.
  • Users – the possibility to add/change/delete users in the system (both the clients and the agents);


Tickets settings – the possibility to enable /disable features while working with tickets:

  • Audit – view of the actions related to the ticket;
  • Ticket comments – the possibility to add comments to the ticket;
  • Creating a client profile based on the ticket – the possibility to create a client profile while creating a ticket manually;
  • Ticket following – this feature allows to receive all the notifications related to the chosen ticket;
  • Canned responses from the knowledge base – the possibility to use predetermined responses;
  • Display the ticket type;
  • Time Tracking – the possibility to view and enter the time spent on a ticket resolution;
  • Restriction to close the ticket;
  • Tickets bin – the possibility to restrict the access to the bin;
  • Information on a client – is closely related to the contacts module – the possibility to view the client profile.