About the product

Helpdesk system is a guarantee of a successful business:

  • HelpDeskEddy organizes a unified approach for all incoming requests, tasks and works both within the company and from clients. It makes it possible to track the stages of a request's passage through agents, both to the head of the company and to the client expecting the result;
  • Due to the established criteria, each agent knows exactly what he has to do at the moment. The task is "hanging" in front of their eyes until it is completed;
  • There is no "human factor" - the client communicates with the performer through the system without even knowing that his request has been automatically processed;
  • Full reporting and analysis of labor costs by agents, clients and tasks.

Organization of work with customers, which helps any company and its partners to successfully solve assigned tasks, is provided by HelpDesk system - there are quite a few of them nowadays. Similar systems are successfully working in the largest companies of the world, providing fulfillment of the main production tasks. It is clear with the world companies -they can purchase or develop any software product that helps organize work with both employees and customers.

But what should the representatives of small and medium-sized businesses do? Should they continue in the old way, with each new task, to make a page in the ledger, mark it on a sheet of paper? Or collect incoming requests from customers into separate folders, and each time calling the assignee to monitor his work? This is unlikely to please anyone. Management of business processes would be great to give the knowledgeable people, if possible, not increasing, but reducing the number of employees. And this is not a fantasy, but a very real IT product. HelpDeskEddy.com system will bring order and automate the processing of any requests, both from your clients and from within your company.

HelpDeskEddy is distributed on the SaaS model. This means that you do not spend money to buy or further upgrade the software. All you have to do is register your company on the site, get an activation link by email, and you can start working with the HelpDesk system. Depending on how many agent get this opportunity, a monthly subscription fee will depend.

This system is not some kind of a frozen structure, its dynamic development beyond the framework of standard Service Desk system is assumed. This is a well-functioning workflow, filling the knowledge base, automation of as many business processes as possible.