There could be notes related to each customer (for example, access rights, contact details, the agreement, etc.) and it is important to have these notes at hand. We’ve created a module, which will make your work with the company contacts more comfortable.

The agents have access to the list of contacts with the search feature. Each contact has a customer’s profile. There you can add comments (text) or files (documents, images, etc.). The history of the customer’s requests is also displayed in the profile. 

Customers’ contacts in our system are divided into Customers – persons and client companies – and, therefore, there is a profile for each type. If you open a profile of a client company, you will see the list of all the people, who work in this company.

You can open a contact profile clicking on the “i” icon (information), which you will find in the request of the contact. As soon as you click on the icon, the customer’s profile will appear.

A client company may have a manager, who will have access to all the requests of the company.