The ability to receive messages from clients through various channels (social networks, messengers, email) is a crucial function in the modern world and has a direct impact on the quality of service.

In order to keep up with the modern trends we introduced Viber integration to our system. Now you can connect one or more public accounts (bots) to your HelpDeskEddy system.

Any client will be able to contact you via Viber. You will receive his/her message in HelpDeskEddy and from that moment on you can exchange messages with the client, generate reports, set deadlines and perform other important actions from HelpDeskEddy interface. Also, each client will be assigned a contact card with the corresponding Viber ID.

Thus you will enable your customers to interact with you via Viber messenger in a way that is comfortable for them. The contact is initiated from the messenger and the messages are processed by HelpDeskEddy instantly.

You can learn more about Viber channel setup at.