One of the communication channels for your customers can be a chat. Often it is much easier for a customer to go to your site and get an answer online. If necessary, you can create a request from a question asked in the chat.

EddyDesk offers a chat with the ability to install a widget on a third-party resource. Using this way of communication you can keep your customers online and create requests from your correspondence with the customer.
Besides request history all chat correspondence will be available in client's history. For integration with third-party resources you can personalize chat design. All your agents can simultaneously work with the chat, in case they are not online - requests will be created from the chat window. Thus not a single question of the client will not be lost.

All necessary features are implemented in the chat for convenient work: file transfer, pop-up notifications, sound alerts, transfer of correspondence between agents, so that his colleague can help to solve the problem.
Chat can be installed on different websites, with the ability to route requests depending on the site.

In case you have any questions or suggestions about the chat, feel free to contact us!