Live chat can be one of the main communication channels for your customers. Very often customers feel much more comfortable if they can simply visit your website and get an instant reply. It is also possible to create a ticket based on the question from the chat. 

Our HelpDesk system offers Live Chat with the possibility to install a widget on your website. This way of communication enables you to provide customers with the online support and create tickets based on their requests. 

Moreover, a client history will include not only the history of tickets, but also all completed chats.

Live Chat widget design is fully customisable and you can make it perfectly matching your website. All your employees can simultaneously use the Live Chat. In case if all agents are offline, new tickets will be created based on the initial request coming from the chat form. So no customer’s requests will be left unattended. 

For more comfortable work with the Live Chat client, we have implemented all the necessary features: file transfer, pop-up and sound notifications and internal transfer of the chat content between agents, which can help to resolve an ongoing chat involving other helpdesk members.

You can also use the Live chat as an internal communication tool among agents of your Customer Support Department or employees of your company.


Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding the chat, please feel free to contact us!