A lot of Customer Service Centresdeal with different assets, which are owned by the customers’ companies. It is necessary to control the assets condition and solve tickets regarding these assets.As a result, they need to deal with reporting, history connected with the assets and other task, which can be wisely automated with the help of ServiceDesksystem.

How does the new module work and how to use it correctly?

First of all, you need to activate the module (it is not available in the system by default, so the separate activation is required). To do this, navigate to Management – User groups. Then click Edit, navigate to Global Modules and check Assets, then save the settings.

 After the module activation the tab Assets will appear in Contacts for each Customer company (Organisation). The assets owned by the customer areindicated in this tab. When adding the assets, it is possible to indicate the item number, serial number and the equipment (asset) description. Also, the assets can be added using the tree structure if necessary. For example, Computer can consist of several parts and all these parts can be indicated in the structure.

When creating a ticket the customer will be able to add the assets connected with the ticket and the agent will be able to edit this information. Also when you click on any asset the card will appear. There you can add some notes and view the history of tickets connected with the chosen assets. 

To search for the assets and work with them browse to Contacts – Assets.