Audit report, sending images to WhatsApp, Interface Enhancements (04/05/2021)

We talk about reports improvements, work with the WhatsApp channel and interface's convenient features.

New features: Avatars, Dispatcher, Plugins (03/19/2021)

Avatars from messengers, New actions in the Dispatcher, New features in plugin development, New interface for Ticket settings and other opportunities.

From now you can be the first to contact the client in any channel in HelpDeskEddy system (09.15.2020).

We hope very much that this opportunity will allow you to use the advantages of omnichannel work even more actively and be closer to the client!

HelpDesk and Instagram integration, new WhatsApp provider (in cooperation with i2crm) (08.05.2020)

The long awaited integration with Instagram (not only with the news feed, but also with the Direct!)..

New types of individual fields and access rights in HelpDesk system (07.13.2020)

Friends, we have added new types of fields: date, time, regular expression, button, file. And also we have updated the logic of required fields.

Scripts for working with individual fields in the HelpDesk system (06.18.2020)

We have added individual field management functionality, which will make the interface and the agents’ work easier...

New design of HelpDeskEddy system! (06.05.2020)

Global updates of the interface and tickets, as well as the functionality of the system.

Updates in the HelpDeskEddy system (05.22.2020)

Additional security, custom fields transfer, improved search and much more...

Main menu has moved (05.20.2020)

As everyone has noticed, we have moved the top menu to the left...

New contact widgets and push notifications in HelpDeskEddy (03.19.2020)

Improved comfortable widget of channels, browser push notifications and other system updates..

Creation of sub-tickets with the initiation of the correspondence to the channel and other improvements (02.12.2020)

New functionality to return to the client after the task while working with channels and other HelpDeskEddy system updates.

Contact merging in the HelpDeskEddy system (12.27.2019)

Functionality to search, compare and combine contacts from different sources into one, and other improvements in the HelpDeskEddy system.

New dynamic report in the HelpDeskEddy system (11.22.2019)

Detailed analysis, statistics and grouping by different parameters – all of this is the Dynamic Report!

Lamoda has connected the official WhatsApp Business account to the HelpDeskEddy system.

Lamoda has connected an official WhatsApp Business account to a single customer support center.

New Channels and Omnichannel capabilities of the HelpDeskEddy System (10.22.2019)

New WhatsApp Business Channel, advanced settings and custom fields in Omnichannel, new Dispatcher features and much more.

Custom user fields in the HelpDeskEddy system (08.08.2019)

Additional customization of user and company cards, functionality features of contact fieldsd and other improvements.

Omnichannel in the HelpDeskEddy system (06.06.2019)

New module for dealing with appeals from different communication channels from a single window! Control and statistics.

Automatic replies in the channels and chat bots in the HelpDeskEddy system (05.08.2019)

Setting up and using of automatic bots, automatic relpies and other features...

Updates in the HelpDeskEddy system (04.29.2019)

Setting up automatic notifications after hours and other upgrades...

HelpDeskEddy integration with AMOCRM (03.29.2019)

Updated AMOCRM integration, new feedback features and other system upgrades..