Distribution of tickets, Groups, Working with filters and more (04/20/2021)

We are glad to tell you about new, wonderful opportunities in HelpDeskEddy. 


Distribution of tickets 


We used to have the first version of automatic distribution of tickets, but it had a number of flaws that we fixed in the new version. Now you can choose the time interval of distribution, so applications will be distributed automatically only during working hours, and all the rest of the time will wait in the queue. Previously, with automatic distribution, there were restrictions, a ticket could be in the queue for a certain time, but now if a ticket enters the distribution it will always wait until it is closed by hand or an owner (responsible party) is assigned to it. In addition to this, the new allocation logic takes into account the "First in First out" logic, i.e. the ticket which comes first will always be distributed first. 


There is also a new option that is especially relevant in messengers, you can automatically assign the responsible operator who was the last to work with a ticket from the client. For example, in the morning the client asked a question, received an answer, the ticket was closed, after lunch the client writes with a clarifying question: it's great if the ticket assigns to the same operator as before, who is already aware of the client's issue. 

Also, we have added a distribution audit so the system administrator could debug the work of the ticket's distribution. 


Completely redesigned groups management 


As you know, our groups serve to manage user's access rights to various modules of the system, as well as are involved in all parts of the system. We have completely redesigned the Group access rights, it has become much more intuitive and there were also options for copying groups (with the additional capabilities, such as the inheritance of access rights to Knowledge Base articles). 


Working with filters 


Filters are the main tool for working with tickets; they allow you to separate and control their flow. Previously, in the case of a large number of filters, it was problematic to relocate the new filter to the top of the list. The drag and drop mechanism is now available. Dragging the new filter to the desired location is a matter of one click. 


Reports, system response 


More and more bots and auto-replies are being added on our platform. After setting up, many clients wrote a request: the reports became too beautiful, since the bot's speed was instantaneous, as a result, the time of the first response began to tend to 0. Now, if the first response is given by the System, it's not taken into account by report. 


List of tickets 


The list of requests is highly customizable, you can add any column and change the order of the columns. At the same time, there is a nuance, the information/text in the column may be either too much/long or too little/short. Now we have made it possible to manually edit the column width in the list of client's tickets.