The reality where you don’t tell the client which communication channel he can contact you and the Client chooses it for himself has already arrived.

The problem is that in certain communication channels, clients are used to a certain style of communication, which is expected from you, including the reaction time. If the response to e-mail within 2 hours for client is the expected time, but for messages from messengers (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegam or from social networks) client expects a prompt response (maybe a little slower than with a phone call, but still “immediately”).

If your business is ready for a separate approach and can provide the appropriate response time - our Omnichannel module will help you.

The HelpDeskEddy system has a separate interface module for the operator and the supervisor, which is fully integrated into the system. From the operator’s side, it looks like a chat flow, taking into account the characteristics of each channel (stickers, links to the profile, phone number and other information that we have the technical ability to receive). For the supervisor, this is the contact center control panel. At the same time, each customer request is still a ticket, which has its own classification, SLA, the ability to transfer it  to the next level, all the possibilities of automation and reporting.

Below we describe all the possibilities of the Omnichannel module.