New interfaces in HelpDeskEddy and two-factor authorization (07.23.2021)

Colleagues, despite the hot weather and the fact that we have not published news - the work on the development of our platform has not stopped for a day, all updates proceeded as planned :)

Now we are ready to tell you what has changed during this time! Let's start with the new features.

  • Two-factor authentication

The requirements for security are growing and in this direction we can develop infinitely. One of the weak links is always the human factor, it is easier for an attacker to get the password from an account. In the latest update we have introduced two-factor authorization, which allows you to uniquely identify the user. We have implemented a flexible mechanism, which allows you to configure the "2-factor" in different ways. 


  • Automatic change of user status

More and more of our clients are using statuses to automate their requests. First of all it is used for automatic distribution of requests, as well as more and more used the individual statuses of operators (for example, "At lunch"). Statuses also serve to control the work of operators. Often there was a situation when the operator finished his work and forgot to change his status, thus violated the statistics, and such operator continued to receive requests (which were not handled, because the operator is no longer working). We have fixed this situation, now each status has a setting - in case of inactivity of the operator, after how much time and in what status to transfer it. Thus, if the system sees that the operator is not working for X minutes, it will automatically put it, for example, in the status Offline.


  • A new interface for working with groups, access rights and channels through which customers are contacting you

We continue implementing the new interface in the platform settings. We recently redesigned the interface for managing groups and access rights, and put management of communication channels in a separate settings item. There are new features such as group copying (with the ability to copy accesses in the knowledge base, which is something that a lot of people have been asking for). Adding channels became much clearer and all channels are visible as a list, which is especially convenient if you have many company divisions with different sources of requests.


Other nice and useful features:

  • New interface for working with group actions;
  • Added the source of the request to the report by estimates;
  • Freezing through dispatcher - minutes instead of hours from now;
  • API user status history method.


If you have any questions or new requests, as always, feel free to contact our support team!