Mobile Knowledge Base and Operator Status Management (25.12.2020)

Dear Client, the year has been challenging and productive as possible. During the year our team has done a great job and now you are using the new HelpDeskEddy interface, we hope this has improved your experience with the system and your employees appreciated the convenience.  The Holidays are approaching and we have prepared the last release for you this year. Let's get started! 


We have a functional and convenient Knowledge Base that is fully integrated into the system: it is used as template responses, available from API, and is just a cool tool for exchanging, keeping and publishing information. There was one flaw: the mobile version was missing. This has been fixed! We are glad to present you a mobile version of the Knowledge Base. It is also available from the mobile application. 




And of course, the moment we got Knowledge Base update, we couldn't not pay attention to your wishes: 

  • Favorites, now every user can add liked articles to favorites, after which they will be available as a separate category among others; 
  • Previously, the search took place only by the articles themselves, but now it also takes place by the names of the categories. Search hints also show the categories; 
  • If only one article is found, it opens immediately; 
  • Added the ability to use the video tag to add video clips to the Knowledge Base. 

The larger the customer care center, the more questions are related to the distribution of  tickets to operators, as well as the control of their work. Previously, we had 3 user's status: Online, Waiting, Offline. What improvements we implemented: 

  • Now you can create your own user statuses, thus more flexibly manage the work schedule and analyze the work of operators. All individual statuses are available in the Dispatcher and in the supervisor panel. The option to create your own statuses is located in the Contact Fields - User statuses; 
  • Has implemented a convenient report of employees's statuses. It allows you to understand graphically and in tabular form how much employees spent time in each of the statuses. 


About other "delicious" updates: 

  • Dispatcher's additional condition - a ticket without sub-tickets; 
  • Dispatcher's additional condition - a ticket is merged with another one; 
  • Dispatcher's additional condition - the number of responses / comments; 
  • Dispatcher's additional condition - user email - added check contains / not contains; 
  • In Reports, you can cancel the requested report (for example, you were mistaken and ordered a huge and unnecessary report); 
  • In the Report Constructor (templates for downloading), you can add a tag, which responsible of checking if there are applications in the ticket; 
  • Audit report: timing of the report, filter by department; 
  • Feedback on tickets: filter by date (dates of creation, updating, closing the ticket) 
  • In the supervisor panel (omnichannel), in the Operators section, there is an option to filter by employee groups (especially important when you have many operators and they are divided into groups), as well as the ability to massively change the status; 
  • Instagram: it was possible to write first only to clients who previously wrote in Direct. Now you can write first to the users who just left a comment under the post; 
  • Filter's condition: sub-ticket - Yes / No; 
  • Search for an ticket through #; 
  • In system management appeared new section "Security/Authorization" - options for configuring Password Policy, SSO and LDAP were transferred to it; 
  • The "Create a ticket" button is added to the user's card - this way the operator can simply find a client and immediately create a ticket. 




We hope you will enjoy these improvements!