Audit report, sending images to WhatsApp, Interface Enhancements (04/05/2021)

Dear customers,
We are glad to summarize and tell you about our latest updates!

Reports! Everyone loves reports, data is always scarce and the need for analysis, optimization, and control over the service is only growing. We receive requests for additional reports constantly and often offer integration with one of the BI systems, but at the same time we are thinking how to provide more and more universal tools for analytics.


Audit report

This report allowed you to evaluate the work of employees. How many responses, comments, or other selected actions were performed by a specific contact center operator. Also, inside the result of report was possible to open the employee's card and evaluate in detail his actions. Now we have gone further and allow you to unload into Excel not only the number of actions, but also the specific actions of the operator with reference to tickets. In Excel, you can analyze in detail the work of each operator. To use this possibility, use the drill down option in the Audit report.


Billing report

Previously, this report displayed summary data, so it was possible to analyze the time costs in the context of the client/operator. There was a nuance that the data was aggregated and in order to understand the time costs within the tickets, it was necessary to go into each one and analyze them separately. We added the ability to upload details - now you can upload data to CSV in the context of each operator, for each of the tickets. To use this ability, use the Detail option in the billing report.

Report Constructor, User Report, Company Report, Department Report, Chat Channels report, Report on agents and statuses, Chat agents report.

These reports have always used tabular data mapping, now we have added a smart table that allows you to sort and filter the data. Also have been added the unloading of table data directly to Excel.


Other pleasant novelties


ChatAPI WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers. Previously, we sent pictures as links, as a result of it not being very convenient to view them on the client side. Now images are sent directly and it is more conductive for the client to work with them.


Previously, we did not display the phone number in the contact list, now, when popularity of other channels is steadily growing, we also display the client's phone number in the list.


In the employee's contact card information about the status changes has been added. In this way, it's possible to monitor and analyze when a particular employee was away and what status he put down. This information is also important for analytics of automatic distribution of tickets.


Working with letter chains. Different mail servers and programs arrange the correspondence into chains in their own way. We have made improvements to the method of mail correspondence, now chains should be supported by more mailers and work more correctly.




List of tickets

We regularly improve our interface to make it more convenient and help operators work with client's request faster. All our clients have different tasks, habits and devices, to solve many issues, we in collaboration with partners create plugins that adapt the interface to the client's wishes.

But many things are global and can only be resolved globally. In the latest update, we released a new feature: adjusting the width of columns in the list of tickets, as well as changing the order of columns by dragging and dropping.



Filters or types, ticket lists are one of the most important tools in the system. With them, you can create your own lists, ticket filters for both employee groups and personal ones. Many systems have large number of filters and when you need to add a new one, it was previously difficult to move it up. Now ability to drag-and-drop the filters are available - which will significantly speed system setup.