Single authorization in HelpDeskEddy (10.11.2020)

In large companies and contact centers (especially in the telecommuting), the issue of controlling access to the system is very acute. This is usually solved in an administrative way and by complex procedures for issuing and controlling accounts.


Usually there are many different systems and services in use, respectively, in case of dismissal of an employee, it is important to not miss deleting the user in each of the systems (or changing the password).


From the part of the employee, the same difficulty lies in the fact that each system has its own access and everywhere an employee needs to remember your password.


This issue is solved by using SSO (single sign-on). It is briefly a single service in the company, which is responsible for issuing and managing employee access to various services. By changing or disconnecting an account in this service, the employee will not be able to connect to any of the services used.


For companies that are planning to implement SSO or have already implemented it, we have great news, we have integrated with the most popular standards and HelpDeskEddy is now SSO SAML ready.


You just need to configure the integration with your service which will greatly reduce the administrative burden.