From now you can be the first to contact the client in any channel in HelpDeskEddy system (09.15.2020).

As you know, to make the first contact to the client before was only possible by e-mail, many clients asked us: "Why?” There are many reasons, all social networks and messengers behave differently. As in Telegram and VK, you can write first only if the client has written to you before. Facebook and WhatsApp Business limits communication to 24 hours window - this means that you can write to the client only within 24 hours from the last message from the client. Unofficial WhatsApp can lead to blocking.

In spite of these moments, we have released an update which will allow you to be the first to contact any of the communication channels! We have tried to take into account all the nuances of working with each channel, but in the case of using unofficial WhatsApp all the responsibility is on you!

We hope that this opportunity will allow you to use the advantages of omnichannel work even more actively and be closer to the client!