New types of individual fields and access rights in HelpDesk system (07.13.2020)


We have a great news! The update has touched one of the most used modules of the system - individual fields.

First of all, we have updated the design of individual fields management! Now it is in common style with all our new interfaces - more convenient and easy to use.

Secondly, we couldn't just update the design, we wanted to give you more possibilities in your work. We have been recording your wishes all along and they are now available. New fields are now available:

  • Date - a field that allows you to enter a date in the correct format (select it in the calendar) - now the agent  will not make a mistake;
  • Time - analogous to a date, the choice of time and its format - now the agent will not make a mistake;
  • Regular expression - very often it is necessary that the agent enters data in a specific form. It can be a number of the order, e-mail, invoice number, etc. Now you can give the agent a hint and check the correctness of the entered data - just prescribe a template in advance using a regular expression;
  • File - there are cases, when during the process building either client or agent have to upload one specific file (for example, consignment note, acceptance report, CV) - previously this was done using comments or answer in the ticket, and now you can enter such attribute as a file in the ticket- it will not be attached to a specific answer or comment, but will be attached to the ticket itself;
  • Button and multi-button - this is a very cool feature for automation enthusiasts. As you know, avtomatization is based on the dispatcher's capabilities, often an agent needs to call a number of actions (for example, send an email to a third-party service, change statuses, call a third-party script - webhook, etc.), earlier it was decided to use an individual field (checkbox) and the dispatcher would check its change and then build automation. It's all cool, but it's not common for new agents to use the checkbox as a button. Now we have a separate type - button - automation is built in the same way, but visually it is a button! The multi-button field type works as well by analogy.

And finally third: we have updated the conditions of required fields. Previously, we had fixed statuses, on which you could set the mandatory fields. The main disadvantage was that the mandatory fields were regulated only depending on the type of user (client or agent). This meant that you could not make a required field for example, only for first line support agents, and you could not make your supervisor exempt from this necessity. Now you can regulate the required fields depending on the specific status and for a specific group of users. Displaying and editing is now also shown separately for each group!

If you haven't read the field scripts yet, it's a good idea to read our last release.

We believe that you will appreciate these news and they will make your daily work more convenient and productive!