New features: Avatars, Dispatcher, Plugins (03/19/2021)

Hi colleagues!

This post summarizes the updates we've made this year, but haven't posted them separately. We hope that you have already managed to evaluate these improvements in the work, and if not, now you will be aware of them.


Since the creation of our HelpDesk, we had the opportunity to work with avatars (the user could upload them himself), the option was relevant for each support operator. While communicating with in chat or by mail client could see them. However, most of the client's avatars were automatic. Since messengers are more and more dominant among communication channels, we have added automatic loading of client avatars from Facebook / VK / Telegram. Now operators will have a better idea of who they are talking to, and the system interface will become more pleasant. Also the supervisor(administrator) can upload an avatar to the operator on his own.




Now you can set a description for each rule, it will not affect it's work in any way, but you will have more ability to figure out what this or that rule is created for.  Document everything! :)

New action: change the owner to the previous one by parameters. The most useful tool. Imagine the situation: a client writes to the messenger, solves his issue, the operator closes the request. The client remembered that he need to ask an additional clarifying question, writes a question to the same messenger, but another operator connects, who needs to familiarize himself with the client's previous question, delve into all the details. 
Now you can set up that if the operator worked with the client before - a new request from this client will be automatically assign to him. Thus, the support will be as fast and comfortable as possible.

Ticket settings

The Ticket settings interface has been completely redesigned as all modules associated with these settings. It has become much more intuitive and convenient.


Plugins / Marketplace

We are actively working to develop the capabilities of creating plugins. Already many customers have appreciated the possibilities of individual feature development and interface changes. Previously, plugins' capabilities were limited by the internal interface of request, but now plugins can be created for the list of tickets.


Previously, when you created reports, you could select a date. Since large contact centers work in shifts, unloading by the hour is relevant for them. We enabled selection the time in the report Constructor. And also added additional filtering parameter: the creation date or the closing date of the ticket.