5 improvements in HelpDeskEddy reports (16.10.2020)

Our platform has a large variety of tools that allow you to receive analytics in various aspects, as well as the ability to connect the Power BI system for more detailed reports. At the same time, we regularly receive requests for the development of a particular report. This week we have released a number of report’s improvements.


One of the most popular reporting tools is the Global Report. It provides summary data in any aspect (including all parameters of the ticket, client, and individual fields). The following calculation data is available for this summary: 

  • Number; 
  • Number of reopened tickets; 
  • Number of reassigned tickets; 
  • Number of tickets closed from the first response; 
  • Percentage of tickets closed from the first response; 
  • Average number of employee(operator) responses; 
  • Client-to-employee response ratio; 
  • Average time to complete a ticket; 
  • Average time for the first response in the ticket; 
  • Average time to complete a ticket due SLA; 
  • Average time to first response in ticket due SLA. 

The analysis is becoming more and more scrupulous every day and we have added the Average time options in each of the statuses, as well as hierarchy levels among the parameters.


Printout or Report Constructor is one of the most popular tools that allows you to download any data from HelpDeskEddy to CSV or XML. The tag value of an individual field in the hierarchy was added. 


The Billing report has been completely redesigned, has been added a graph, the table has been reworked with the ability to download data.