Updated contact module and omnichannel improvements (09.06.2021)

Friends, we continue to update various modules in the system. This time, the changes affected the Contact module: the interface of the section was completely redesigned, and now it corresponds to the updated system design. The interface has become even simpler and more intuitive. The related sections "Companies" and "Equipment" have also been updated.


  • New possibilities in omnichannel module.

One of the biggest pain points for Contact Center managers is loss of some chats which causes their customers to wait for an answer for a long period of time. Also agents are not always able to prioritize the requests and understand which of them need to be answered in the near future.

For such cases we have developed a functional indication of requests in the omnichannel module! The settings can now include a timer, indicating when the client waits for a reply from your operator for each request (in the list of correspondence). You can also change the color of the chat on the sidebar, depending on how long the client waits for a reply from your agent.


Also added to the widget and chat settings is the ability to disable the fields with email and customer name in the chat widget. Thus, the user can contact the support team via live chat without specifying personal data.


Added tags in the printout:

  • First responder's name;
  • The first performer of the request;
  • Time between the assignment of an employee and his/her first reply.


And in case of any requests, comments or questions, we will be happy to advise you at support@helpdeskeddy.com