User Password Policy (25.11.2020)

Often, users don't pay attention to the complexity of their password, and this is a password from a large amount of company data. We have released a module that allows you to manage the password policy of users in the HelpDeskEddy system. 


Now the administrator has the ability to configure: 

  • Complexity of user password; 
  • Password lifetime. 

Also we thought about existing clients, whose operators use an unacceptably simple password, when configuring the password policy, it is possible to set a checkbox, checking the password for complexity requirements in the current policy. During authorization, the system will check whether the password meets the current conditions and, if not, will enforce the user to change the password to a more complex one. 


We have added a generation option to all forms of password change, which takes into account the current password policy. 


We hope this option will make your work safer and meet your company's standards!