Marketplace, Plugins (25.01.2021)

Dear Clients, 


This release is dedicated to the Plugin Store or Marketplace. For us personally, this is one of the most significant stages in the development of our platform, we really hope and plan that plugin capabilities will be in great demand among our customers and we will be able to increasingly mention the words "Marketplace" and "Plugins" in our releases and it will help us to set up the platform for you. 


Let's start talking about new features! Why do we need to use plugins? 

  • Individual capabilities are required pretty often. Previously, we tried to implement them within the framework of the system, but this approach leads to interface overload and difficulties in supporting the solution. Now, thanks to plugins, there are incomparably more opportunities for the realizations of individual tasks, while the basic capabilities of the platform are develop in parallel; 
  • Integration with third-party services and systems. The approach of implementing integration using plugins significantly speeds up the process of implementing and supporting integrations; 
  • We have the most functional API and asynchronous integration through webhooks. Thanks to the capabilities of plug-ins, we open access to control the system interface. For developers, these are new opportunities. 


What plugins are available now? 

  • To date, more than 10 plugins have been released, these are integrations with the most popular CRM systems, interface management plugins and automatic employee's billing (functionality that counts the time spent by operators in the system). Hopefully more plugins will be added every week. 


How to install and use the plugin? 

  • It's easy. The administrator can go to System Management and select the Marketplace / Plugins section, next enter the Marketplace.  Select the interested plugin and enable it, then then give the necessary access and enter the plugin parameters (detailed instructions are prepared for each plugin). 


Who is developing them? 

  • We have a community that develops various integrations and plugins both for ourselves and for our clients. If you want to participate in the work of the community - feel free to contact us in the support or directly to, email:; 
  • Our team develops convenient plugins that fit into the overall concept of the system or based on requests of our clients; 
  • Our clients, including you, can take part in the development! Just contact our support, we will clarify the details and give you access to the module development environment; 


What does it cost? 

  • All plugins are free to date! But over time, we don't exclude that we will allow third-party developers to offer their own modules for money. 


Do you have any ideas? 

  • If you have the idea for implementing the plugin and it's relevant to you - feel free to contact the developer community, the guys really appreciate the ideas (and if necessary, they will contact us)