Departments were created mainly to divide employees into specific groups. Departments can also represent the areas of company’s business activities. Each ticket can be assigned to a specific department. Employees can have access to one or several specific departments at a time. As a result, an employee will see only the departments they deal with.  

It is also possible to change the inbox and outbox settings for each department. You can change the settings for departments here: Management à Departments.  

When you add or edit a department, the following features will be available:

  • Name – is displayed in the ticket panel and during the ticket editing;
  • Outbox – this address will be used to send all the notifications related to the tickets of a specific department;
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) –  can be set separately for each department;
  • Notification of the department agents about a new ticket – if you select a checkbox of this option, all the agents of the chosen department will get a notification when a new ticket is received;
  • Inbox.

To make a department available for an agent, go to editing of the agent profile (Management à Users) and select a checkbox of the required department for each agent. It is also possible to make the specific department available for the whole group of agents. To do this, click on Management à User Groups, Access rights àedit the necessary groupà Give access rights to departments and select the checkboxes of the required departments.