When implementing a helpdesk system, there is a difficult task: how to motivate and accustom existing users to use the self-service portal?

This problem is often solved by connecting a mailbox to the system: a customer writes a request, automatically registers on the portal, and the agent receives relevant notifications.

Usually, the next step is to personalize the support center, connect your own domain name and provide access to the portal to customers. However, customers should remember access to a separate resource. Also, the system is often integrated into personal accounts using iFrame technology. The main disadvantage is that this kind of integration requires  some programming skills.

Aiming to simplify the possibilities of our service integration and supporting clients' ideas, we developed the client portal widget. Now there is no need to embed iFrame and think through the possibility of automatic login.

More about the feature:

  • you can configure the widget button and copy the code;
  • insert the lines of the widget at the end of the site code and you will get a widget;
  • widget has the following options: public knowledge base (where you can post articles useful for customers) and instructions;
  • public request form. By filling in this form you will automatically create a request;
  • authorization and customer registration: customers will be able to view existing requests (open, closed), to reply to them, as well as to create new requests.