EddyDesk system has different possibilities of working with telephony.

Integration with IP telephony via SIP. In the system settings you have the possibility to create a connection to your SIP server and delimit the accesses. Thus helpdesk will work as a soft phone. When a call comes in, the operator will have an incoming call window. The phone call will be recorded and saved in the history (card) of the client. Also it is possible to create a request from the phone call in one click. Operator can call the client directly from the interface using EddyDesk. The call will be recorded along with the incoming call and from this call it is possible to create a request.

Integration with IP telephony through API. This method depends on the capabilities of the telephone solution (popular solutions such as Asterisk support this feature). The method is as follows: the helpdesk agents are registered at the exchange. When the operator picks up the phone (physically), the station sends to EddyDesk information about it, and the agent who picked up the phone gets a call-card window. From this interface, it is possible to create a request and see information on the client. When creating a request, the call station will attach the recorded phone call.

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The easiest way to register a call is to create a request on behalf of a customer. When creating such a request, the client will receive an e-mail notification that the request has been created.