If your work with clients is based on the agreement, it is extremely important to comply with the agreement terms and conditions. SLA policies (Service Level Agreement) make it possible to control the timeframe of a ticket resolution. You can set the resolution target time for each department individually. If a ticket fails to meet the resolution target time, its priority will be set to Urgent and the ticket will be highlighted in order to draw agents’ attention to it.     

To set up an SLA policy click on Management -> SLA Configuration – here you will find the actions, which will be performed if the SLA target is reached. 

There is a work schedule (Week days), as well as a calendar of days off (Weekends), which helps you to meet the deadlines and always calculate SLA accurately by taking into consideration your work schedule.

To set up a deadline click on Management -> Departments. The SLA deadline is configured for each department separately. You can configure the SLA settings and the work schedule using the ServiceDesk administrator control panel (click Management – SLA). You can also set a separate deadline right inside each ticket or using triggers.