Key performance indicators of customer service used in the global report:

  • number of requests received;
  • how many replies the contact center provided;
  • the ratio of the number of replies between agents and customers (shows the level of understanding of the requests, the speed of their solution);
  • the average time of the first reply and the end of the chat.

With the global report you can get the listed indicators by selected parameters, for example:

  • which subject receives the most requests;
  • which customers or companies are contacted more often than others;
  • which communication channels connected to the EddyDesk are used more often.

You can also select any number of dependencies. For example, according to CSAT (customer satisfaction score) they will show that users are more dissatisfied with communication with the second line of support or on certain issues. There can be many examples of such combinations.

This tool allows you to analyze in detail the performance of customer service, find weaknesses and achieve high quality.