HelpDeskEddy can work with all popular messengers. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers in the world, and of course your customers can contact you via this channel.

For a long time WhatsApp hasn't been officially integrated, so there have been alternative ways to work with this messenger, but such opportunity always had a chance to get ban - it's very rare, but it's possible.

At the moment WhatsApp has made it possible to integrate business accounts into various services and we were among the first who implement this feature in HelpDeskEddy. The peculiarity is that it is necessary to get a verified WhatsApp Business profile - it gives the possibility of integration and guarantees that the account will work. These profiles are issued by official WhatsApp providers - we work with the two most popular providers.

We have implemented all the subtleties of working with this channel, for example, if you send out messages and then the client writes you a reply, the operator will be aware to which mailing the client replied - which is very convenient :)

For more information - please contact our support team - we will be glad to tell you about the possibilities!

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