It is important for the contact center to understand how the support service works for a certain period of time. If you analyze the results of work for a month, you can understand the overall load, but it is very difficult to identify weaknesses in the work, effectiveness, trends and productivity of agents. In order to identify weaknesses in the work, the dynamics of the load and other anomalies - we developed a report in the dynamics. It allows you to build a graph (and also displays tabular data) in the context of any system parameters: executor, category, priority, etc. in dynamics, that is, in the context of a certain period: hour, day, month.

Examples of using:

- Understand and visually display how many requests occur each day, over the past month, by specific operator;
- Understand in which category were more requests received during the past year, weekly (thus identifying problem areas);
There can be many such examples.

All report features are described in this video: