Automation capabilities in the system allows you to create a well-developed bot which will respond to messages from clients and automatically send them the information specified in the settings.
For channels such as Telegram, VK, Facebook and Viber, it is possible to set up the ability to create and send buttons from the system. By clicking on them it will trigger a pre-configured action, for example: clicking on a given link, sending a response with the contents of the button etc. And the system, in turn, will be able to automatically respond to these actions.

Thanks to the buttons, it will also simplify the client’s communication between the client and you. For example, you can send pre-prepared buttons to the client the first time he/she contacts - the client will see buttons with a choice of the topic of the request (“I have a question about payment”, “I have a question about delivery” and etc.), so the client would feel more comfortable at the moment he contacts you.

By the link you can see an example of how to create and send buttons in the system: