EddyDesk creates requests after checking the mailboxes connected to it. The subject, content and attachments are saved in the request. Even if the letter is deleted from the email inbox, the request received in the system remains unchanged, as well as all correspondence. 

An unlimited number of sources can be connected to support and help users on various issues. You can divide incoming requests by organization departments and then set up access for agents to departments. 

When a customer contacts you for the first time, automatic registration is performed. Whenever the user contacts the contact center, he will receive a message about the importance of his question to the company. Notifications in EddyDesk can be fully managed: 

• change the content and subject; 

• turn off the sending of standard notifications personally and for everyone; 

• create custom notifications using the Dispatcher module. 

The documentation on how to connect the channel and work with it can be found in our Knowledge Base: