The system can check the configured email boxes and create tickets from the received emails. All the files attached to the email will be added to a ticket. The email header will be transformed to the ticket subject, while the email text will be used as content. All replies to this email will be grouped in the corresponding ticket.

There is a possibility in the system settings to connect the unlimited number of email boxes and to distribute them between different company departments (thus, access to the email boxes is distributed between the employees).  

The administrator has an opportunity to set all the necessary notifications by changing templates and email headers.

The system will check all the configured email boxes automatically. After sending the request, the customer will get a notification that the ticket has been created. If the ticket is submitted by a new customer, their profile will be created in the system by default.


You can become familiar with the configuration documentation here:

  • incoming email settings;
  • notifications settings;
  • company departments settings;
  • setting of the personal SMTP server.