Very often customer support agents (especially first line agents) perform many routine operations, which require a lot of time.


For example, after a new ticket is received, an agent has to:

  • Choose the necessary company department;
  • Assign a responsible agent;
  • Set up an SLA;
  • Set the priority;
  • Set a task type.


As a result, we’ve got at least 5 actions. In order to simplify the basic process you can use macros.


Macros are a set of actions, defined by an agent or the system administrator. Macros are applied to perform routine actions.


Using macros an agent can perform a set of actions in one click, which saves plenty of time. In our system there are macros of two types: global and personal. Global macros are set for groups of agents. They are created by an administrator who gives access to the separate macros. Personal macros can be created by each agent based on the necessities.  


The instruction on how to create macros is available here.