Handle all customer service requests in one place
Connect all the communication channels your customers usually write to you
Automate the processing of requests
Control the work of your operators in real time
Get reports with analytics on your support team's performance
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More than 200,000 customers get answers to their questions every day with Helpdeskeddy
Connect all communication channels into a single system
Connect all communication channels into a single system
It doesn't matter where your client will write - to e-mail, WhatsApp, Instagram Direct or a comment on Facebook, all requests will be displayed in your portal as tickets.
You can connect an unlimited number of e-mail addresses, Whatsapp numbers, Telegram and other accounts.
All correspondence with customers is maintained directly from Helpdeskeddy interface and saved in the client card for history.
Your operators will no longer have to monitor 10 different systems and switch between tabs.
Each ticket has a status. When the operator finishes processing request, he moves it to the "done" status and switches to the next unprocessed request.
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Automate the processing of requests (workflow)
Automate the processing of requests (workflow)
Automatically distribute new requests among operators depending on their loading or request parameters.
Direct VIP customers' requests to the priority line with experienced managers
Set up automatic responses to customer inquiries and notifications about processing.
Notify your supervisor when the SLA (speed of response) deadline expires or if the correspondence is taking too long.
Create any custom rules by setting a condition (trigger) and action.
Increase the productivity of your agents
Create templates for replies to popular customer questions, so it will take a couple of minutes to process such requests.
Organize an internal knowledge base available to your operators directly in the system
Keep a history of all requests in the client card for a better understanding of the context
Save agents from unnecessary manual work with automations and rules
Monitor the work of each agent
with reports
See detailed statistics for each communication channel
Track response time (SLA)
Monitor your support load in real time
Check the average service satisfaction for each agent that customers give after closing the request
Are you interested, but it looks a little complicated?
Good news! Our experts will help you implement
Helpdeskeddy and organize your support service
to demonstrate the system from the inside
What will Helpdeskeddy give you?
Increase the loyalty of your customers through fast and high quality answers
Saving time and increasing the productivity of your operators through automation
No lost or unanswered requests from customers due to the unified ticket system
Complete control over your support team with real-time reporting
By the way, your customer service will always be at your fingertips.
More than 1,200 companies have already
improved customer service with HelpDeskEddy
Among them are both small businesses with a few employees and huge
international brands with 1,000+ operators
more companies
Cost of the platform
We believe that quality products should be available to every business
Online version
Annual fee
Monthly fee
€20 €25
Per agent per month
(billed annually)
Per agent per month
(billed monthly)
  • Connecting email and telephony
  • Connecting email and telephony (Facebook, Instagram, VK)
  • Connecting messengers (Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, Messenger)
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • History of all contacts with the client
  • Automations and rules
  • Reply templates
  • Reports and analytics
  • Knowledge base for agents and customers
  • Over 100 integrations + API
  • Help from our experts
Out-of-the-box solution
Do you need a boxed version of the platform,
which you can deploy on your
servers and administer yourself?
Contact us!
  • From 10 agents
  • All functions of online version
  • Hosting on your own servers
  • Regular updates
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