The Tickets list is the main working page for users of the HelpDesk system. It is very important that the functional interface is intuitive and convenient for every employee of the customer service department. The list is updated automatically when a new  client's request is received or when any other actions in existing dialogs.

Incoming requests are distributed according to statuses, each operator can view tasks where he is selected as responsible and  other incoming tickets to the company's Departments. For convenience, the search is carried out by title and content. 

A contact center employee or administrator can create additional filters - a selection of requests based on specified conditions and add labels. They are displayed on the left side of the module and are always at hand.

Without opening a request, you can:

  • check out the first and last message through the pre-view function;
  • edit fields, for example, transfer the question to another department of the organization and assign a responsible person;
  • use group actions, such as merging or changing the due date.

You can set the number of tasks displayed on the page, add and change the position of columns individually. The default setting is subject, unique number, last answer, status, priority, and activity.