Different companies have different approaches to ticket management and work control, which makes it very difficult to meet the requirements of all customers. One of the features provided by our system is ticket filtering. The standard filtering options are available by default: all unsolved tickets, My tickets (tickets of the particular agent, which are filtered by status), unassigned tickets (in case if an agent hasn’t been assigned to the ticket yet), followed tickets, on hold,filtered by tags or departments.

But even using all the above-mentioned functions is sometimes not enough to get the necessary results. Customer service centers managers regularly ask how to view all tickets assigned to an agent. Agents have another problem: they want to view tickets by customers, priorities and so on.

The main idea lies in the following points:

  • Filtering is the selection of tickets by one or several preset parameters;
  • Filters are saved and are always available in the navigation bar;
  • Filters can be global and custom. Global filters are set by administrator for all system users. Custom filters are set by each agent.

To use this function, follow the instruction:

  • If you want to create a custom filter, click “Filter” near the search line (you can also enter “Profile settings” and then click “Ticket Filters”).
  • Then you can type the filter name and set the search parameters.
  • After a new filter is saved, it will appear in the navigation bar.

To create global filters you need to follow the same instruction. The only difference is that you need to enter “Management” and click on “Global filters”.There you can choose the department where the created filter will be available.