As you know, various users are used to various ways of communication: messengers, email or social networks. This is a familiar way of communication for the client, and he will definitely appreciate it if you can be contacted in convenient way for him.


For Odnoklassniki users - we have implemented the ability to integrate groups!


You can connect one or several groups from Odnoklassniki to your HelpDeskEddy system and accept customer tickets from private messages of group.


The system will receive these messages as a usual tickets indicating the channel where it came from and how it has been received . Thus, the system receives messages, and makes it possible to reply to them. Initiation of chat occurs only from the social networks, and you can answer it from the HelpDeskEddy system. Also, for each client from Odnoklassniki will be created a contact card with the appropriate client id from Odnoklassniki.


We want to note that messages from Odnoklassniki appears in real time without waiting, which significantly speeds up the processing of customer tickets!



More information about configuring the channel Odnoklassniki can be read here